Missouri Pinball
Service Conditions

I am a private collector/hobbyist and offer repair services only as a hobby. Service is available only with an appointment and when I have space and time to do so.

On site inspections – I can evaluate the mechanical condition of your pinball machine on site to determine the appropriate maintenance required and if further evaluation is necessary. – Cost - $20 or $1 per mile round trip, which ever is greater plus $40 an hour.

On site repairs – Only minimal service is available on site. Replacing bulbs, minor adjustments, replacing fuses and other repairs as I deem appropriate may be done on site. – Cost - $20 or $1 per mile round trip, which ever is greater, plus $40 per hour of repair time.

Shop repairs – Just about any kind of repair can be done. The initial shop inspection will be done and an agreement will be made as to the extent of repairs and estimated cost before work begins. – Cost - $40 per hour with a $40 minimum plus parts. I will keep a detailed time sheet for each job, charging only for actual time servicing your machine.

Pick up and delivery – none available, the machine must be delivered to my shop and picked up from my shop.

Manual and schematics – You should provide the manual and schematics for your machine. It is very difficult to work on a machine without the manual and schematics. To order parts you need the part numbers. To locate problems and verify circuit board readings you need schematics. Manuals cost approx. $20 and may be required as part of the repair.

Value of your machine – Your pinball machine will be treated as if it were my own. Before I accept your pinball machine for service, we must agree on its value in order to limit my liability.

How long will it take? – Most repairs will take several weeks. After the initial evaluation and your approval, parts will be ordered. Once they arrive (3 to 10 days?) the repair will be made as soon as I can. Then a second evaluation/testing phase will determine if the repair is complete or we start the process over again to repair a problem that was not evident in its original state. I will complete the job as quickly as I can. I have no control over shipping time and part availability.

Terms – Cash on pick up (note: payment for parts may be required when ordered)

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